What do our content tests measure?

Our content tests quality of content in a website. This includes the use of well written, up-to-date text, meta data and imagery. Although some of these areas may require technical expertise to implement, if the website makes proper use of a Content Management System they should not; ideally everything this tests for can be handled by dedicated content developers.

Why is content so important?

Typically content is handled by separate developers to the other Summary Scores. This test aims to look at the aspects of the site affected most by content contributors, as opposed to those typically handled by technical developers (see Technology Score).

In particular, it is possible to have a technically great website with poor content and vice versa. Good content is invaluable for an effective and successful website.


A complete breakdown of every test that affects this Summary Score, in descending order of impact:

Amount of content
Search engine results
Contact details
Broken links
Alternative text
Site structure