What is Website Accessibility?

Website accessibility consists of tests of how accessible the website is:

  • to people with non-standard browsers (such as mobile phones and tablets).
  • in terms of the visitor experience from your results in the search engines and through their whole experience of your website.
  • and to those with disabilities this includes people with visual impairment (e.g. colour blindness, long sightedness or blindness), learning difficulties and an inability to use a mouse or keyboard.

Why is website accessibility important?

  • Good Accessibility=Great Search Engine Optimisation. The search engines want to give their customers a great experience by sending them to accessible high quality websites.
  • An accessible website will be used by more people. By giving your visitors a quick easy user experience they'll stay on your site longer, look at more pages and are more likely to convert.
  • By having an accessible website you'll be helping improve the quality of life for disabled users, allowing them to access your information along with everyone else.

Here are the tests we run which assess your website's accessibility

A complete breakdown of every test that affects this Summary Score, in descending order of impact:

Learn more about the importance of Website Accessibility: